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There are a few videos that we feel you should see. We have compiled them all into one place for convenience. Click on the link above to be taken to our dedicated video page. 


What San Antonio Survivors Are Saying....


"I have a place to go that understands where I've been.  I can talk about my struggle to get out of the game, and find real life solutions."...age 23"


I thought I was going to my 18th birthday party at a friend's house, but found myself held down and forced into drug addiction when I was injected with heroin and meth.  I was kidnapped and prostituted.  Thank you Embassy of Hope for helping me get treatment.  You are my only family.".....age 21


"It's hard to leave a life that I was tricked into at age 12.  My family doesn't want me.  I've tried to leave "The Life" , but it's hard when I'm trapped in ways I can't explain. The Staff at Embassy of Hope understands it takes practice to leave. I'm working on a safety plan."....age 19


"When I went back to school, it was really hard to be around other girls my age.  No one really 'gets it'.  Certain evironments that others think are normal, makes me want to run and hide.  It could be a smell, or a look that someone has on their face that remind me of my abusers.  At Embassy of Hope,  I've found a place that I can trust.  A place to help me make sense of all the crazy things I've been through.  I received my GED!  Now, I'm learning how to create my dreams and goals for my life,  on my terms."...Age 17


"I've known nothing but prostitution since I was 8 years old.  The Bexar County courts referred me to Embassy of Hope in place of jail time for my arrest.  I'm tired of the street life where I've suffered for so long.  I finished my classes and they changed my life.  I have friends that understand me and encourage me to succeed.  I have choices now."...Age 32 


Here are a few informative videos and testimony from survivors.

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